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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop Follow Up -Dr Brassy Saves the Day

After the epic disaster in what was Dr Brassy's art studio, our devotedly organized Dr Brassy, put on her gloves, her Steamer goggles, saddled up with some organizer bins and went to work. The result is a studio that even the most fastidiously organized artist would feel right at home in. Labels are coming soon, but even without labels, it's a nicely done little piece of Steampunk artist paradise.

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Bins=$19.99  Chain hanger=$8.99 Being able to find everything=Priceless

Gone are the twist tube towers and in their place are these drawer bins. Get them at the hardware store from 14.99 for a 16 drawer bin to 38.99 for a 64 drawer bin.
Bins come in three drawer sizes!
The wood necklace/chain hangers are actually
A free paint stick from Home Depot to measure necklace chains.
Rainbow bins that hold the extra long bead boxes

Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop 04/27/2012 Hosted By

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I am, by nature, an organized lady. Not by DNA but by the fact that I was born in a single-wide mobile home and then spent many years of my adult life living in same. Anyone who has lived in a single-wide mobile home knows that you learn very quickly how to maximize the use of that 10 foot by 50 foot space, least you feel like a human sardine.

Well, I organized my art studio and then left my very capable assistant, Copper, in charge while I was gone. What I returned to was a disaster of epic proportions as my dear employee decided to have a party while I was gone. THIS is what I returned home to:
Copper hung over from the night before

Crazy insane amounts of unorganized bins that have taken over our guest bed.

Copper and her mannikin friends must have had a real good time at my expense as the liquor cabinet was left bone dry.....and my art studio resembled a war zone.
Dining Room Table/Steampunk Heaven

Copper's idea of making her own art
Copper's organizational skills

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