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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's been a "Moving" Experience

Moving is like giving birth. It is. It is like giving birth to a 1900 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double- garaged... baby. It's a baby that needs tending and care, nurturing and feeding. It is painful, it will make you cry and there is a 110% chance you will get into a huge fight with the person you love that has joined you at the hip for this birth...I mean, Move.
After the pain is gone, the blood has been cleaned up and the linens washed; after the stitches are taken out and the bruises heal, you are left with a nest that is yours to call home. Everything that was horrible washes away and there is just happiness and contentment.
Still- I will never move again for the rest of my life if I have my way. I want to be here forever and I want to plant fruit trees, put roses in the garden and add Dr Brassy elements to make this a home any Steampunk would envy. 

Things I learned along the way.
Never do business with a company that has it's call center overseas.
Never buy appliances from a company that outsources it's deliveries.
Never use people to clean your house or carpet that smoke cigarettes.
Check out a neighborhood at night and on the weekends before committing to buy or rent.
Leave your old house in better condition that when you rented/bought it. 
Go out and  meet the neighbors. Wave when they drive by and say hello when retrieving the paper in your robe in the morning. Be "Neighborly".
Banks are evil.
A Good Realtor is worth their weight in gold.
Always tip for a job well done as people are barely making minimum wage nowadays.
Keep your sanity. You will get through it. 
My Singer looks right at home
Here is a photo of the living room starting to take shape.
I waited 46 years for a fainting couch!
Mr Steamington channeling his inner "Hef"