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Monday, October 22, 2012

Steampunk Brassy Song by Gail Folsom aka The R.O.S.E.

The intro is short because the jewel of this blog post is the melodic magnificence of Gail Folsom a.k.a. The R.O.S.E. (with her bro on guitar), singing "Steampunk Brassy", a song about a Steampunk Girl and her little Etsy shop of dreams.  Enjoy......

Steampunk Brassy Song

Thank you R.O.S.E.

~~ Brassy

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

With a little help from my friends.....

There's a secret to success that few people know about or follow. It's the ability to ask for help. I don't mean sitting back on the porch swing sipping a mint julep, while barking into your pink rhinestone encrusted cell phone to friends, "Get over here and mow this lawn!"  I mean the humble, down-to-earth, human-to-human, "I need help, pretty please and thank you"-Asking.

There is no way that I would be where I am now, without the generosity, help and support of a whole airship full of people. Some of those actually won't mind me outing them here. Others have made me sign a  confidentiality agreement, just in case my business venture fails and I go all "Octo-Mom" on them.

From discounts on supplies (do Not overuse this one. The suppliers are barely eeking out a living just like we are)- to trading art for modeling photos. From more trades for prime advertizing space in the greatest Blog to ever exist The Bloggess- to borrowing a vendor's studly husband for hefting wares at an art show/concert Steamstock 2012  . These are just a steamy little bit of the monster steam engine of help that I have asked for, and received.

Dark Beauty Magazine
Ladies of Steampunk Magazine

Going it alone in this business is near impossible unless you are already famous, already rich, or both.
Anyone starting out with little money and less name recognition has about as much chance at making it big as Paris Hilton has of convincing people she is still a virgin.  Maybe less so.
So I have swallowed what was left of my pride and I have drafted emails, hand written cards and sent out boxes and boxes of my art to people who may or may not even know it was coming. With a Priority Mail box and a prayer, off it goes. So far (to my knowledge) no one has file 13nd my gifts or ignored my request for help.  100% of the people that I have sheepishly approached have said.... "Yes".
Jon Magnificent

Leanna Longo

The lovely Audrey
I am either very lucky, somewhat talented, or that good Karma for saving the life of the man I gave CPR to in 1991, is finally kicking in. Either way, I  am eternally grateful (as a practicing Buddhist, this could be for a very, very long time), for the long list of  "Yes", "Sure", "Of course" and "When I get time, yea". 

I have asked for pricing advice, marketing advice, photo taking advice, supply line ordering advice, makering advice, patina/aging advice, bookkeeping program recommendations, product advice and held naming contests.

I have asked the most beautiful women on the planet to model my jewelry and they all said "Yes".

Erin Layne
La Esmeralda

Ulorin Vex

Kato (My jewelry coming soon)
 I have asked the most well known people in the Steampunk business, to wear and promote my art. To my extreme delight, they happily agreed. There is no end to the bounty of "Yeses" that I have received and the gift of human generosity, that can't be repaid in dollars.

 Dr Brassy as a Zombie in the LOS "Dead End" Webisode

So this Blog is a little about encouraging others who are struggling to ask for help, and a lot about thanking those people who have, when I asked for the Moon, said "Would you like that gift wrapped to go?".

Here is my list of people (alphabetically) who made me who I am and who I thank, in my heart, every single day.

Anastasia Heonis/Acid Pop Tart/Voodoo Baby
Brenda Sue Lansdowne of Bsue Boutiques
Connie Rios-Relyea
Crystal Yates
Dan Shattuck
Diana Vick
Donna Wolfe
Eric Jon Larson-Teslacon
Erin Layne of Myth Masque
Gail Folsom  aka The R.O.S.E.
Harry Wood
Ilana Murray of The Golden Gear
Jack Dean Stauss of Myth Masque
Jenny Lawson-The Bloggess
Jon Magnificent
Kari Turner-My daughter who runs my booth at fairs
Kato-The One and Only-Kato
Kent Wittington
La Esmeralda
Lisa Griffiths
Michelle Kenny
Pamela Newman of Fairyscapes
Pat Pemberton of The Tribune
Philippa  Ballantine
Phyllis Smith-My Mom, who literally "Made" me
Professor Falconer
Professor Pyrosthenes
Samuel Ratcliffe
Sandra Forrer
Scot Violette aka Professor Algernon
Sean Makiney-Ladies of Steampunk
Sean McCaffrey-Ladies of Steampunk
Shannon Len
Sharon Castle
Shelly Fletcher
The Whole League of S.T.E.A.M.
Thomas A. Anderson
Thomas Willeford-Brute Force Leather
Topher Adam- Dark Beauty Magazine
Trip Hope -League of S.T.E.A.M.
Ulorin Vex
Wendy Steller

If there is someone not on this list that has given me a leg up, it is either because you were so rockin' that I made a bronzed plaque of your name and it sits at the foot of my bed so when I sleep at nite, you are right there with me, or...I am a doofus and simply had an inexcusable brain-fart which begs forgiveness.

There is that "asking" thing again.

Sending much love and admiration to you all......

~Dr Brassy