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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop Follow Up -Dr Brassy Saves the Day

After the epic disaster in what was Dr Brassy's art studio, our devotedly organized Dr Brassy, put on her gloves, her Steamer goggles, saddled up with some organizer bins and went to work. The result is a studio that even the most fastidiously organized artist would feel right at home in. Labels are coming soon, but even without labels, it's a nicely done little piece of Steampunk artist paradise.

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Bins=$19.99  Chain hanger=$8.99 Being able to find everything=Priceless

Gone are the twist tube towers and in their place are these drawer bins. Get them at the hardware store from 14.99 for a 16 drawer bin to 38.99 for a 64 drawer bin.
Bins come in three drawer sizes!
The wood necklace/chain hangers are actually
A free paint stick from Home Depot to measure necklace chains.
Rainbow bins that hold the extra long bead boxes


  1. Great idea on the paint stick! I wish I was as organized as you. Everything looks so great!

  2. Brassy I love your workshop, and thanks for letting us know where you bought all the stuff specially the rainbow organizers, I love those!

  3. Hey, where's the mess? Apparently, steampunkers clean, too! Nice shop, tho! :)

  4. Now, THAT's depressing. You could be in a magazine with that beautifully organized space. I hate you (in the nicest way possible!) ;)I also envy you your energy!!!

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  6. Don't hate me cause I am organized and beautiful and modest. Bwa ha ha ha


  7. ... great... now I want to go to the hardware store and buy those bins... then reorganize everything.. again.... you're terrible for putting these ideas into my head >.< lol

  8. I have one of those rainbow organizers, too! Got it at Costco a few years back. Everything looks great to me. I hate to admit it, but my other career is as a writer and I actually wrote (drum roll) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life. Yes I did. Think that would apply to my studio, wouldn't you? Well, it sorta does, but I need to make a mess to make something wonderful, right? As long as we have a mess meter that tells us when the mess is too great to create and it's time to clean it up!

  9. LOVE the bins!!! And thank you for telling us where to get them! I will have to check them out, because that's exactly what I've been looking for! The next hard part, is finding where to put them once I get them... LOL

    You did an awesome job of organizing!!! =) Hope you made Copper help out!!! ;) =)

  10. What is the chain organizer made from? I am redoing my storage and workspace and you've given me some ideas!

    1. The chain organizer is something I found at a hardware store. It is either some kind of dish/cup drainer or a clothing rack. But it just screamed chain hanger. ~ Brassy

  11. you have my 'grown up dream set up' for shelves & such, really nice! thanks for your comments, nice catch on Jack( a gift from niece & nephew from disney), when the beadroom is tidy the theme of 'day of the dead/skulls' is more obvious.Too small to see but next to Jack is a bic lighter w/ DOD skulls :)
    I'm stealing some of these great ideas to help oraganize my space!

  12. Wow! I need to get to the hardware store and get some of those bins. Wonderful job, I am amazed!

  13. Oh my gosh, you crack my up Dr. Brassy! I LOVE Copper!! My kinda gal! LOL

    I am finally getting to the rest of the blogs... I loved both of your posts, it was fun to see the followup post!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to tell you that the table that you fell in love with in my photos is actually my kitchen counter, and is attached, so if you are going to sneak away with it, you might want to bring some pretty big tool! I actually wanted granite for my counter, but it was an outrageous price... so my husband and I came up with the idea of doing a glass countertop... I bought new replica vintage ceiling tiles and painted and distressed them to match the feel I was going for! Thanks for your kind feedback!

    Loving your bins! Great ideas! Thanks!