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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sewing is Sexy- The July 2011 Hat Project Part 1- Naked Hat

It isn't a successful sewing expedition until somebody bleeds. To say I put a little bit of myself into everything I sew is an understatement. True to form, a CSI agent could find enough DNA in the hat below to make a very nice clone of yours truly.

This is a custom order for a Steamer Gentleman we will cal Cass. The hat ordered is a tall Steamer Hat, made of crushed black velvet with silver embellishments, hat band, feathers and black netting fall down the back that also be bustled up when he wants.

Hat is a triple layer of black polyester crushed velvet, stiff black Pellon (I also use Buckram), lined with a soft black preshrunk cotton sateen. Three layers ensure a hat that will retain it's shape and form, and I like cotton on anything next to the skin where sweating can occur.  More photos to follow as I take naked hat and gussy her up in a very respectable Steampunk manner.

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