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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest- Name this Necklace and win a Sightmares Pendant!

I can't tell you how many times this was made, taken apart and made again. I think I hit it right this final time. I need a name. Winged_____________? Something magical, fantasy and oh so Brassy in nature. So here is the contest.

 Whomever comes up with the name for the piece will get their own Sightmares Evil Eye Victorian pendant in their choice of color. It doesn't need to be "Winged_____". It can be any name you like.The winner will receive one of these, in bronze brass or gunmetal silver in your choice of eye color. Please post your contest entry as a comment on this blog or via Facebook at . Winner will be announced July 11th.


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  2. This piece is gorgeous. How about Winged Heart of Osiris

  3. What a gorgeous piece! How about Winged Heart of Osiris

  4. Thank you. Consider yourself Entered into the contest!

  5. Thanks! I admire your work so much and love seeing the new items that you post on BSue's page.