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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bring on the Custom Order Requests

How do I love thee custom orders? Let me count the ways... Take an impossible dream, a psychic artisan a tight budget, and what do you get? A custom order request. I admit that I LOVE the challenge and each custom order makes me a better artist. I love the give and take of ideas. But when the finished product is (and I quote) "So much better than anything I could have imagined". I know I have struck alchemy gold! Steampunk mailbox? I can do that! Steam a tape dispenser? Sure! Make a hat that is part contraption and part couture? Bring it on!

I do miss Etsy's Alchemy section but I also understand why it went the way of the trash bin. Too many of the same sellers, bidding rabidly on each and every Alchemy request, even if it was not in their genre. Also the Made in China sellers, low bid everyone by so much, there was enough left over to buy a small house.

So I am depending on customers finding me, messaging me their dream request. Then letting the fun begin. See a few custom requests below:

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