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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Don't Need No Stinking Craft Room!! - How to make the most of what you have

Ideally-In a perfect world, where I am the boss (Bwa ha ha ha ha), and money is no object (BWAH HA HAR HAR!)  Oh, crap, I think a pea just went up my nose! .....I would have my own sacred crafting room. A place of light and magic, where unicorns roam and fairies stop by for cocktails at 5 O'Clock each day.

I don't have my own room, so I carved out a little place to call my own-in the living room. There is an invisible force field around the jewelry making and sewing areas. Everyone in the house knows, if you touch it, you will be banished to Chuck E Cheese, on the day of the biggest kids birthday they have ever seen.

My message is this. Make what you You can put off the "doing" until you have the right house, the right room, the right supplies, the right man....Ok, I am little off track on that last one- but you get where I am going. Seize the living space and use what you have to the best of your abilities, until the better thing comes along (I think this is true with men as well, but I digress...).

This is crafting central at the Steamington home. I have everything I need, neatly laid out and it works like a dream. As you can see, I have the big comfy chair, the carpet for catching jump rings, lots of table and storage space, both artificial and natural light (when I open the windows), a cat and not one, but 2 cat trees! You can't see the A/C unit, but it's right there as well. When we have company over, I fold everything away all nice and tidy in the wood storage box to the far right, and no one is the wiser that a mere hour before the Murder Mystery Dinner, my living room looked like a Tiffany's Jewelry Store exploded by a gang of Steampunk Pirates.

Another challenge was finding a place for a sewing station. My genius of a hunny-bunny (he loves it when I call him that!), took our library and added a pull out drawer so my sewing machine is at the perfect height for me to sew to my little hearts content. See the before (above) and after (to the right):

So carve out your own personal space, make it the best it can be and start bringing your art to life! ~ Dr Brassy


  1. I crafted like this for over 15 years and recently got the stinkin' craft room of my dreams when my eldest daughter moved out. Let me tell you, it's almost been a year with my own room and I still feel like a spoiled rotten brat wasting a perfectly good space with all my junk!

  2. Hey Melissa...You Earned that room! You enjoy it and just know I am completely green with envy!
    ~ Dr B