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Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Call Me A Maverick For Our Time

There are people who will remain unnamed in this blog, who claimed to be "Mavericks" sometime back around 2008. I am not talking that kind of Maverick or politics at all for that matter. I am talking Steampunk Nerf  N Strike Mavericks. If any of you have attempted a Maverick Make Over or Maverick Contraption Redo. You know the headaches, perplexity and general FUBAR of the project if you don't do it in exactly the right order and in exactly the right way. Although everyone and their cousin has gotten on the Maverick bandwagon, I still think there are unique and amazing designs to be had in the genre. Here is a photo journal of the Maverick Nerf N Strike from start to finish with a "Do it Yourself" list of Tips and Trix at the end.

Your basic finished Maverick.

Very fancy Maverick!
Tips and Trix: Take the whole gun apart first. Dremmel off any lettering, copywrite marks etc. Sand the plastic to get the shine off with a fine grit sandpaper. Primer the whole gun. Choose your paint colors. You can spray paint, use paint pens or use a soft lint free cloth to dab on the paint on for an aged look. My fav Mavericks have several different metallic colors on one gun. You can use an antiquing gel, metallic dust, or antiquing rubs as well. Ideas to make your Maverick unique are to burn scroll designs into the gun like the last photo, or you can add brass filigree, copper fittings or any other accoutrements.  Use wire to hang the Maverick when painting to let it dry. When you are done, seal the gun with a clear acrylic sealant and let it dry for 2 days.
This will give you a gun that will last for many battles and still look just as perfect as the day you made it. 
~ Dr Brassy


  1. this is too cool! I will have to make my son something like this for Christmas lol

  2. Wow that's awsome! I want make one too!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your blog and workspace with us ...It is an awesome space...Thank you again bye for now and Happy crafting