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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Cat and the Hat-A Steampunk Story

I received a custom Steampunk styled top hat request in June from a customer I will call "Cass". The request was pretty straight forward. A black and silver Steampunk top hat with netting bustle and silver accoutrements. More specifics unfolded in the making and we narrowed it down to a crushed black velvet hat with high styled rococo silver flourishes in metal with a small spattering of clockwork details, lots of black feathers on the right and left sides with a very long black net train down the back but that also had a second train bustled up in the back.

There is where the cat comes into the picture.
Delilah trying to look angelic and innocent
 There are few things in nature more attracted to each other than a cat and feathers. I, Dr Brassy, should know this from the umpteenth gazillion piles of "felis pukemus" that I have cleaned up over the years that contained lovely rainbow colored feathers. (Our Delilah is an indoor only kitty, so no live birds were injured in the making of the cat barf). 

I was so focused on this hat and all the details that I forgot completely about my Box O'Feathers (I am in the process of moving the lab into a our new digs, among other familial distractions). Well- Delilah found herself in cat feather heaven... which resulted in, you guessed it. Cat barf central in every color of feather I own. Burgundy, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink and white or at least what used to be white....

Thankfully and gratefully I had the good sense to place the all important "Cass" Hat up and out of the way of our diligent Delilah who at post time has yet to figure out the nuances of furniture tetris to reach atop the sewing cabinet. (Give her time and she will figure this out).

So here is the finished project, 1 month in the making and 100's ruined feathers later due to somebodies strange culinary obsession.

Finished Hat Front

Mr Steamington providing non-consensual modeling of hat bustle

What did I learn? Keep all feathers in large gallon size ziplock bags AND a large plastic bin WITH A LID!  ~ Dr Brassy

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